An Apprenticeship is a mixture of work based and college training; you’ll earn money while you learn a trade. All of our Apprenticeships are industry approved to ensure you gain the skills you will need throughout a sustained career. The Bench Joinery apprenticeship scheme will qualify you as a professional Bench Joiner as well as giving you the option to gain further industry recognised qualifications. On Site provides all apprentices with personal protective equipment and a tool kit before you get started.

Just like a Carpentry apprenticeship; Bench Joinery will take a minimum of 2 years to complete

Joiners work with timber in a workshop using drawings to produce complex wood products like bespoke window frames and doors using specialist woodworking machines to exact specifications. Joiners also make specialist staircases, hand rails and fitted furniture. They also prepare and assemble other wood fixtures such as doors &windows, as well as creating fitted furniture such as wardrobes A Bench Joiner will be a practical, hands-on, person with a good eye for detail and you will need to be careful and methodical.

The tasks of a bench joiner include:

  • Preparing wood and wood-substitutes to be cut by measuring and marking them according to instructions from a supervisor or a blueprint
  • Cutting the materials and shaping/smoothing them using specialist tools

The tasks of a fitter include:

  • Joining the prefabricated materials according to the design plan, using nails, screws and glues
  • Installing the product on site
  • Checking that the work is accurately finished, using levels or surveying equipment
  • Making repairs and restoring damaged parts