From the point of view of a school leaver, apprenticeships do have some advantages compared with the other options available.

For example, one thing that often holds back new university graduates is not having the level of work experience required to work in their chosen field – this is something that usually has to be worked for in their own time.

With an apprenticeship, though, you’re actually doing the job while you qualify.

Although employers aren’t obliged to keep you on after your apprenticeship, you will have a good amount of experience working in the role.

When does the apprenticeship start?

All of our Apprenticeships start in the September of each year. Employers in the construction trade are well aware of this system and typically start recruitment from early in the year all the way up to September. It is important to apply to us as soon as possible (we open our books on the 1st ~December the year before!), so that you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

Once an employer has been found (whether by us or by the potential apprentice) we can swing into action and arrange a College or other training place and start working with our new apprentice to help them get ready for a life changing career.

How long does the apprenticeship last?

Bricklaying, Carpentry & Bench Joinery, Plastering, Painting & Decorating

Minimum of 2 years (3 years if progressing to advanced level)


Minimum of 2 years (Many candidates will remain on to complete their Gas training and this will take up to 4 years)


Electrical Installation is only delivered at an advanced level and takes a minimum of 4 years to complete.

What fees and costs are there?

On Site Bristol offers its additional support at no extra cost and this includes 1-2-1 assistance from a trade specific training officer as well as a basic set of tools and protective gear at the start of the apprenticeship.


Your apprenticeship is FREE, you get paid to learn


Your apprenticeship is part funded by the government. You will need to discuss how this will affect you at interview

Over 25

Sadly, the government does not provide additional support for over 25’s to access apprenticeships and you may be expected to pay the full cost of you college or other training.

Do I need to sort out my own training course and enrol at College?


Whilst On Site Bristol would always recommend that you have a full back option, if you are unable to find an employer to support your apprenticeship, once you have a job secured we do the rest.

On Site Bristol will arrange the course for you and will even meet you there on your first day!

Does On Site Bristol find me an employer?

At On Site Bristol we work (and have worked) with many hundreds of employers across Bristol and maintain great working relationships with them.

Once you have passed your test and interview we will start to offer you to potential employers as we continue to work with them as part of our review process. We also receive requests for learners interested in particular trades and living in certain areas of town and will forward your CV to them if appropriate.

Having said this it is vitally important that you perform your own job search and we provide individual advice and guidance to support you in this

Half of our apprentices find their own work and developing these job search skills will likely be invaluable to you in later life.

What happens after the apprenticeship?

The vast majority of our apprentices stay in their chosen trade, and indeed with the current employer. On Site Bristol is still there for you and we are happy to provide advice on further career opportunities.

In most cases though you will finish your apprenticeship as a fully qualified craft trade professional. Many learners chose to take this as an opportunity to become self employed. Many of our employers were themselves apprentices with On Site Bristol many years ago. Makes you feel really old…