Why an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are designed to offer a structured programme that takes you through the skills you need to become a certified tradesperson. Although the majority of your training will take place at work you will also attend a local college, one day a week, to undertake a combination of theoretical and practical learning. On successful completion of your apprenticeship you will gain certification relevant to your chosen trade.
There are three aspects to an Apprenticeship:

  • The practical, work skill, aspects of the apprenticeship which is assessed at work.
  • Diploma Certificate: The theory and practical side of your apprenticeship via study at college.
  • Functional Skills: For those who require it you will be given additional training in English, Maths and IT skills with a focus on knowledge that will help you in your new career.

How do I apply?

  1. On Site will invite you to undertake our entrance test for either Technical (Plumbing & Electrical) or Non-technical trades (Carpentry, Brickwork, Plastering, Painting & Decorating).
  2. If you are successful we will invite you to attend an interview, with On Site staff, prior to being made a final offer. Please carefully read the attached information sheet about how to prepare for your interview, you may find it useful to do this with a parent or carer.
  3. If you are unsuccessful, you will be given advice about what other options are open to you. You are also welcome to contact On Site to discuss the outcome of your test.
  4. Following successful interview On Site Bristol will offer you a place on our apprenticeship scheme. What does this mean? An offer from On Site Bristol means you can join the programme on the condition that: You find a company to employ you as an apprentice. We can help you do this! Please carefully read the attached information sheet about how to find an employer, you may find it useful to do this with a parent or carer.
  5. You will be invited to attend an advice and guidance session, with On Site staff, to discuss your plans to find an employer for your apprenticeship.

Right then, send us your application form

Finding Work

A good place for you to start looking for an employer is close to home. Ask your family and friends for help and think about other people you know or have seen or work in your chosen trade. (Some apprentices find their employer by noting numbers from vans and calling the company). Employers are positively influenced by people who are confident and show enthusiasm and face to face contact is definitely recommended:

  • You could consider printing copies of your CV and finding companies who you are interested in working for; turn up and have a chat, this can often be a good way to meet someone who can help you. A good tactic is to find potential employers in the same area and simply go door to door; remember to look smart and friendly!
  • Download our contactlog to track your progress as you look for work, it’s always a good idea to have a
    note of what you have been told.
  • On Site Bristol will help inform employers who are unsure and give them the best possible advice as well as making sure they can offer a high quality, safe and varied experience for apprentices.

Experience of an Apprenticeship

Why you should start an Apprenticeship


Apprenticeships are changing

The way that apprenticeships are being funded is planned to change in 2017 due to government reforms. Thanks to skilled trades being one of the few types of apprenticeship that already included skill based tests and was already well established and respected these changes should not affect you. There will be significant changes for some employers but these will be managed by On Site Bristol as your training provider.