Application process

Applying for one of our Apprenticeship Training programmes is straightforward but will require some research and preparation from you!

Please see the steps of our application process below.

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Step 1 – Apply Online

Once you have decided which trade, or trades, you are interested in you can complete our online application form. You will need details of your expected/confirmed school grades . Please make sure you that you use an email address you access regularly, as we will be emailing you further information!

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Step 2 – Assessment

Shortly after applying, you will receive an invitation to our office to complete an assessment. This assessment tests basic skills and knowledge that are relevant to working in a construction environment such as basic maths skills, English comprehension, mechanical reasoning and spatial awareness. You will also be sent a list of topics and links so you can revise prior to your test.

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Step 3 – Interview

If you successfully pass the assessment stage, you will be invited for an interview with two of our Training Officers. You will be sent details of the date, time and location via email. You will also be asked to send in your CV, your school grades (or predicted) and an attendance report.

Please ensure you are prepared for this interview! Research your chosen trade, consider why an apprenticeship is right for you and practice interview questions. Your interview will be scored, and we will let you know within 5 working days if you have been successful.

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Step 4 – Offer Stage & Employment

If you pass the interview stage, you will receive a ‘conditional offer’ from us. This offer is on the condition that you secure employment before the start of training programme in the Autumn. Please see the finding employment section for hints and tips on how to secure employment for your Apprenticeship.

We offer advice and guidance sessions to successful applicants and can support with getting your cv employer ready and give you lots of advice on maximising your chances of finding an employer.

We will also try match you to any vacancies that come through to us from our employer networks.

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Step 5 – Starting your Apprenticeship

Once you have found an employer, we will get in touch with them to ensure they can offer you the support and range of work needed to enable you to complete your apprenticeship. You will be assigned an On Site Bristol Training Officer who will meet with you and your employer to complete the necessary enrollment documentation. We will also organise your college placements and tell you, and your employer, the dates you will be at college.

Applications for 2024 are now closed. However, if you have an employer, please contact us.