Bristol City Council Responsive Repairs

Bristol City Councils Responsive Repairs Team has been working in partnership with On Site Bristol for 13 years to support their annual Apprentice Recruitment Programme.   

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The Responsive Repairs Team employs over 420 staff including multi trade teams, trade apprentices, surveyors, and both managerial and back-office support.  The team is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of repairs to over 27,000 council homes and almost 2000 leasehold properties, as well as refurbishing empty homes to bring them back into use for new tenants. 

 Each year the Responsive Repairs Team employ between six to ten apprentices across all trades. All apprentices are assigned a mentor to support and guide them in the practical aspects of their role.  

Zara Naylor, Head of Service, Responsive Repairs Team says, ‘Our apprenticeship programme is of great importance to our team and to the residents we serve. A key requirement for us is to have greater diversity within the apprenticeship workforce and we do this by taking positive action and increasing recruitment from underrepresented groups.  Apprentices bring with them an enthusiasm, a zest for learning, a fresh perspective and IT skills which greatly benefits other construction colleagues. Apprentices that have been trained by us are loyal and committed, and 95% of our apprentices secure permanent roles with our team as they become available.’

Group of Apprentices stood outside

Dave Hazell, Plumbing Trade Manager says, ‘On Site Bristol support us with the recruitment of our apprentices, helping to ensure we have the right fit for our team.  The ongoing support they offer apprentices, as well as us as an employer, throughout the training programme is invaluable and ensures a successful outcome for everyone.’

Bristol City Council’s Housing Team has been successfully employing trade apprentices for many decades. They are considered essential to succession planning as experienced colleagues move roles, leave or retire. In fact, there are currently five former apprentices who are now permanently employed with the Council as trade supervisors within the Housing Team.