An Apprenticeship is a mixture of work based and college training; you’ll earn money while you learn a trade. All of our Apprenticeships are industry approved to ensure you gain the skills you will need throughout a sustained career. The Bricklaying apprenticeship scheme will qualify you as a professional Bricklayer as well as giving you the option to gain further industry recognised qualifications or progress to advanced level. On Site provides all apprentices with personal protective equipment and a tool kit before you get started.

A Bricklaying apprenticeship typically lasts a minimum of 2 years. As a bricklayer you’ll need a good head for heights and be happy to work outdoors. Bricklaying can also be quite physical, so good fitness is also important. Bricklayers build the interior and exterior walls of buildings; the types of work include cutting bricks using hammers, chisels or portable power tools, laying bricks in courses, spreading mortar with trowels and checking that the wall is straight and level. A Bricklaying job would suit a hands-on person who likes working outdoors and working as part of a team.

Typical responsibilities include:

  • Cutting bricks to size using hammers, chisels or power tools.
  • Laying the bricks in horizontal layers (courses).
  • Measuring out the work area and laying the first courses according to the architect’s plans.
  • Mixing mortar, either by hand or with a mixing machine.
  • Spreading mortar evenly to fix the bricks into place.
  • Ensuring that the line of the wall is totally straight and level. For this a spirit level or plumb line may be used.
  • Making access holes in the walls to allow electricians, plumbers and other workers to bring water, electricity and commodities into the building.