This information is for those who have been given a conditional offer with On Site Bristol.

Due to the current COVID 19 crisis Onsite Bristol are unable to offer those with a conditional offer a face to face Information, Advice & Guidance session regarding finding employment for your apprenticeship. However, in place of this session, we would like you to follow these simple steps:

  1. Read the booklet ‘Finding employment for your apprenticeship’ with a Parent or Carer.    This booklet provides a range of advice that, if followed, will maximise your chances of securing employment for your apprenticeship.
  2. Update your CV and email an editable copy to immediately. On Site Bristol and yourself need a current CV to send to potential employers. To create a killer CV, to wow a potential employer, refer to the Onsite CV template in our guide and think about your transferable skills. Are you captain of the football team – Leadership skills, perhaps you have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award – Team work etc.  If you are struggling with this don’t worry, please get your basic contact details down, the school you attended (including the dates you attended) with your predicted/actual grades, and any work experience you have achieved.
  3. Have a backup plan It is vital that you have a Plan B for instance you could enrol on a college or sixth form course.  The COVID 19 pandemic has increased the difficultly of securing employment for your apprenticeship. We can’t start you on our programme without an apprenticeship employer so it is essential that you have back up plans.   You don’t want to be left without any options in September. Please remember you can reapply to On Site for September 2021.   Refer to for other options.
  4. School reports, certificates and references – Ensure you have up to date school reports and references available in both paper and an electronic format. Perhaps you can scan these in or photograph them, so you can email these to potential employers. Keep these neatly in a file so they are to hand if you need them.
  5. Finding Employment: Contact Friends & Family – This is an extremely difficult time for the construction industry and, while many companies are working to re-establish their business, it could be challenging to make contact with employers and secure employment. Therefore, in 2020 your personal contacts might be the best way to secure employment. Do you know anyone who works in the industry who could provide you with an opportunity? Perhaps you could use social media to contact sports clubs, social clubs?   Ensure everyone you know is aware of what you’re trying to achieve, apprenticeship opportunities can sometimes come from the most unexpected places.
  6. Have you already secured employment for your apprenticeship or have some strong leads to a potential employer? Please let On Site Bristol’s staff know immediately.   We will need to liaise with your employment contact and undertake the necessary checks to ensure you can commence your apprenticeship with them.

 If you need any additional support in regards to how to search for an employer for your apprenticeship. Please do not hesitate to contact us at:



  • How to succeed at interview – Please refer to the section within our booklet. Write down 10 question’s you might get asked at interview and practice with a family member friend or carer, set up a video call where one of you acts as the employer and the other is applying for the job.
  • Do some DIY – Staying safe in the house there are practical skills you can learn to do, put up a bookshelf, picture frame, paint a room, fence, front door, garden shed, Mow the grass or wash and clean the car.

Get ahead of the game and sign up to FREE online courses 

Construction Taster course run by Building Growth South West – Local Training & Job Opportunities available after the course! Call 0800 169 6963 Email: and quote: On Site, Bristol.

C.V. and Interviews tips

BT- Skills for tomorrow Webinars – regularly host webinars on Making your CV work for you & Be a hit at interviews can also find similar videos on YouTube.

Revise for your CSCS Test

As part of your apprenticeship you would need to obtain a CSCS card to work on site. To help you get ahead of the game you could practice for this Health, Safety & Environment test online for Free.

The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 45 minutes and is divided into two components

Number of general knowledge questions on Health & Safety issues – 38 questions

Number of questions on case studies describing how to behave safely onsite – 12 questions

Trade videos

You can find these videos on our website along with information around the roles of the different trades: Painting & Decorating, Carpentry, Bench Joinery, Bricklaying, Plastering, Plumbing & Electrical

Careers in House Building

If you are looking to get into house building as a career there are some useful resources here: