How do I get involved?

What is On Site Bristol?

On Site Bristol is part of Bristol City Council but acts as a broker for students and employers to successfully complete an apprenticeship. All applicants are considered for positions within the Council trade teams as well as other opportunities with employers working in the local area.

On Site process acts as a ‘one-stop shop’; we take care of training, funding and general support. Our success rate is 94% and is considerably higher than our local competitors.

You can also read the Parent’s guide to apprenticeships from the Government


Apply to On Site Bristol via the application page


Learners are invited in for tests to ensure they can cope with the academic side of College


Following successful testing, each candidate is interviewed. This is partly to prepare them for a real interview and also so we get a better understanding of an individual


Individual advice and guidance

Job Search

About half of those we placed find their own jobs. The rest come from our large network of employers

Get in, Get on

Success! Once a job has been found we then sort out the College place and all the paperwork. For the 2-4 years of your apprenticeship we will be with you every step of the way.

The application process is straightforward. Typically candidates will hear about us through word of mouth or at school careers events. Anyone who will be 16 or older next September is eligible to complete our online application form.

We then arrange a date for assessment in order to check that the learner is capable to complete the academic side of their apprenticeship (an apprenticeship is a mixture of site based learning with their employer and college based academic training)

Our assessment process is designed to ensure that all learners are prepared and able to complete their college course. Whilst learners develop across their time on program the last thing we want is for them to fall behind at the start.

Assessments are typically held under exam conditions at our Create Centre offices

There are two different test types


Our general construction test is a multiple choice exam which takes 50 minutes for 40 questions. The questions are a mixture of maths and spatial awareness and a sample paper can be downloaded.

A calculator is provided for this test


For those learners who are considering a Plumbing or Electrical trade their assessment forms the construction test above alongside an additional test. The additional test is an exact split of 50% maths and 50% English and is based on GCSE level questions.

A calculator is not allowed for this part of the examination


Once completed we then contact learners to advise them of which trades they are eligible to progress with. You are of course welcome to contact us to discuss this. Sadly we cannot always allow people to retake failed tests so we strongly advise learners to prepare fully before the exam and are happy to give further advice.

All learners are interviewed before an offer is made. The interview is partly for our benefit to be able to pass details on to the employers that we work with, but is also useful to learners in preparing them for a ‘real’interview.

It is important to turn up on time for our interviews however and we expect candidates to arrive well presented and prepared for likely questions.

We have further detail on interview questions being added soon


It is after this interview that we will make a ‘conditional offer’ to a potential student


This means that we will start looking for an employer on your behalf but that we also expect you to do the same. Once an employer is found we can then take care of everything else

Once you receive a ‘Conditional Offer’ from On Site Bristol you must secure an employer willing to hire you as their apprentice.    To help you with this we will invite you to attend an advice session, this lasts around an hour.   The purpose of these sessions is to provide you with information and advice about the following:
·       Exploring different ways to find and contact potential employers
·       How to approach potential employers (including telephone techniques and letter writing)
·       Building a CV relevant to applying for an apprenticeship position
·       Interview Techniques
For our part On Site Bristol will match a number of students to suitable employers but, unfortunately, there are not enough opportunities to start everyone on an apprenticeship programme.  To maximise your chances of becoming an apprentice we strongly recommend that you actively search for a placement yourself. 
Finding an apprenticeship may seem like a daunting task but with some initiative and effort from you, and with advice and guidance from On Site Bristol, you should be able to find an employer.
Prior to attending your advice and guidance session please forward your CV to

Once you have your conditional offer you are free to approach employers to look for work. Like any employment an apprenticeship needs to work for both you and your employer.

  • You must consider how you will get to them on your days not at college or a training centre or if they can give you a lift to work.
  • Salary isn’t everything. Some employers will pay more than the minimum wage others won’t. Many employers want to see that you have a good attitude, work ethic and aptitude before they will consider paying a higher salary. Remember, the real value is in the skills you can learn from a good craft tradesperson. If you can master a trade you will be extremely employable and well paid.

At the start of the apprenticehsip On Site Bristol will confirm the date you start work and start training. We will also meet you on the first day at College/Training to ensure you get off to a great start

On Site Bristol working for you

Once you have completed you Induction you will be assigned a qualified trade specific Training Officer to guide you through your apprenticeship. The Training Officer will work with you through the whole length of your training and help you to focus on the task needed to complete your course on time.

Training Officers are also there to support you with any issues you may have whether with your employment, college training or personal

Whilst we expect all of our apprentice candidates to perform their own work search we also help those who put the effort in by attempting to place apprentices with the many hundreds of employers with whom we have good existing relationships.

All of our new starts have to attend an induction, typically in August or September. At this induction, held at the Create centre in Bristol we will:

  • Cover important Health and Safety topics
  • Give you an understanding of your rights
  • Issue you with a tool kit and basic PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Complete the paperwork required to start an apprenticeship


Every year we have an awards ceremony to recognise the achievement of our apprentices and their employers. This is typically held in November

Skills Shows

To recognise the achievements of the best new craftspeople in the world there are Skills Shows held internationally every year. If you are amongst the best in your chosen trade we will support you to attend the local heats for these shows to prove your skills

At your induction we will confirm your dedicated (TO) Training Officer. Your TO will be there to support you throughout the life of your apprenticeship and can advise you on matters such as:

  • Pay
  • Safety
  • Work
  • Home issues
  • College

Not only that but, as we are a small close knit team, you are always able to phone up on our main office line on 01173529160 and speak to a human (providing we’ve had a coffee) to get some support whatever is bothering you.

As On Site Bristol is part of Bristol City Council all of our new apprentices are automatically eligible for jobs within the Council. You do not need to apply separately for Council jobs within the housing delivery team and, depending upon the strength of you application to us, you may be given the chance to interview for a position within the Council